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Our olive groves

The area of El Penedés is primarily known for its vineyards, but olive growing has also traditionally been very important here.

Since the time of the Phoenicians, olive growing has been linked to this land and has shaped the landscape and the way of life of its inhabitants. It has also allowed us to enjoy the star product of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil, something that is shared by of the villages here.

Our family has been farming for generations, and for us, the olive groves are like a second home, where we always feel at ease. Because walking through one of our olive groves is an experience that encourages you to reflect on the relationship between human beings and nature.


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La Bisbal del Penedès

La Bisbal del Penedés is a thousand-year-old village that was first recorded in the 11th century.

Its dryland farming has traditionally been the main way of life of its inhabitants, especially grapevines, olive trees, almonds and cereal crops.
Its current population is 3,466 inhabitants, who are very involved in the village traditions, such as the castellers (human towers), Els Diables, etc.

If you come to La Bisbal del Penedés, as well as walking around its ancient streets and enjoying its traditional architecture, you mustn’t miss visiting the 13th century church of Santa María, with its characteristic octagonal tower. It is also worth visiting La Bisbal Castle, and other corners of our town that are full of history.


Learn about the world of olive oil first hand.

Come and discover our land and our oil and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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The Baix Penedès

The area of Baix Penedés has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as shown by the remains found in Calafell and other places.

Over the centuries, several peoples settled in this area, and they have left a rich archaeological and cultural heritage. The idiosyncrasy of this land has in large part been defined by its dry climate, which has forced the population to make the most of the land’s resources.

Wine, olive oil and almonds are some of the products that best define this land, which is full of interesting towns, villages and monuments to visit.

Torclum & Terra i Taula

Terra i Taula is a union of producers and chefs from the Baix Penedès area. This group is made up of agricultural food producers and chefs who work to find the best quality in the products, creations and services we offer.

We see this union as being natural and necessary to preserve the flavour and the future of quality products, as well as providing a contribution from our local area to the culinary culture of Catalonia.

Our union is bound together by values such as ethics, respect, commitment, quality, effort, the idea of sharing and professionalism.

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