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OOVE Torclum

EVOO Torclum: Ecological and Sustainable

Welcome to Torclum, where tradition and innovation merge to create an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) that delights the palate and also cares for the planet. Our EVOO is a pure expression of the Arbequina variety, grown with organic practices in the lands of Baix Penedès. Each bottle encapsulates our commitment to preserving nature while offering oil of the highest quality, acclaimed for its exceptional flavor and aroma.

Discover how our dedication to sustainability and excellence defines every drop of our prized oil. Click on ‘Learn More’ to explore the journey of our EVOO from the field to your table.

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Awarded the gold medal in a blind tasting among 146 oils at the Gourmenials 2023 Awards for the best extra virgin olive oils in Catalonia and the sustainable product award at the Innoforum Awards of the Barcelona Gastronomic Forum 2023.
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Premiat amb el guardó Best Storytelling 2023 al concurs internacional World Food Gift Challenge
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masia de Torclum
Come and experience Olive Oil Tourism

Olive Oil Tourism in Baix Penedès

Olive Oil Tourism with tasting menu

Olive Oil Tourism with a gourmet menu

Special Olive Oil Tourism for groups

Discover the Essence of Olive Oil through Olive Oil Tourism.

Immerse yourself in the world of olive oil with our olive oil tourism experiences at Torclum. Discover everything from tours of our olive groves to tastings that highlight the quality of our oil. Whether you are a food enthusiast or looking for a unique experience, our tours are designed to captivate all your senses. Book your visit and connect with the land in a special way.
Ester i Jordi de Torclum

We are Ester and Jordi, and we lead Torclum with passion.

Yes, we are Ester and Jordi, the souls behind Torclum. With a deep love for our work and a profound respect for our land, we run this small family business dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

From the careful cultivation of our olive trees to the meticulous crafting of each drop of oil, our mission is to bring to your table a product that not only satisfies with its quality but also honors the heritage of Baix Penedès.

Discover more about our story and the values that drive our daily work.

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Our Seasoned Oils
Our seasoned extra virgin olive oils are created to enrich and transform any dish with a distinctive touch full of flavor. At Torclum, each oil is carefully crafted with natural ingredients selected to perfectly complement the quality of our Arbequina EVOO. Ideal for salads, stews, or as a finishing touch on pasta dishes, these oils will take your cooking to a new level of delight. Discover them now!
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Basil seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Black truffle seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Garlic seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Lemon seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Mushroom seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Orange seasoned Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
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