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About us: Ester Andreu and Jordi Pascual
A family passion rooted in the land
At Torclum, Ester Andreu and Jordi Pascual share a passion inherited for the art of olive cultivation, a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in La Bisbal del Penedès. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality, our small family business meticulously manages the entire production cycle of our organic extra virgin olive oil, from the cultivation of the olive trees to the final packaging of the product.
Jordi Pascual i Ester Andreu
Commitment to quality and the environment

At the heart of our olive groves, every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow alongside the nature that surrounds us. With respect and dedication, we transform these olives into a premium extra virgin olive oil, full of flavor and with an essence that reflects our love for this land.

At Torclum, we don’t just cultivate olive trees; we cultivate traditions that endure generation after generation.

Our love for the land and respect for the environment motivate us to maintain organic farming practices that not only preserve the biodiversity of our surroundings but also ensure that each drop of our oil reflects the purity and character of the Penedès. We take pride in bringing to the table a product that not only satisfies the most discerning palates but also cares for our planet.

Our philosophy
Being ourselves and showing it to the world.

Everything that matters to us becomes part of our lives, and we take care of it. We care about being respectful of nature, which gives us its fruits; we look after our environment and the people who live in it. But beyond that, we believe that if everyone contributes a bit of know-how, our planet still has a long way to go. At Torclum, this philosophy translates into sustainable and ecological practices in all aspects of our production. We use agricultural techniques that preserve soil fertility and increase biodiversity, thus ensuring a greener future. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in every product we create, with the goal of contributing to a healthier and fairer world for all future generations. Thus, every step we take is a step towards a better planet.

The land
Tradition and Olive Trees in the Heart of Baix Penedès

The Penedès is primarily known for its vineyards, but traditionally, olive cultivation has also been of great importance there.

Since the times of the Phoenicians, olive cultivation has been linked to this land, shaping the landscape and the way of life of its inhabitants. It has also allowed us to enjoy the star product of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil, which unites all its villages.

Our family has been dedicated to agriculture for generations, and for us, the olive fields are like a second home, where we always feel comfortable. Indeed, walking through one of our olive fields is an experience that invites reflection on the relationship between human beings and nature.

camps d'oliveres

Our crops are located in a privileged area, at the foothills of the Prelitoral mountain range, with Montmell on the left—the highest peak in Baix Penedès—and stunning views towards the sea.

The conditions of this landscape make Torclum oil a very special product. The great land, low rainfall, and mild climate allow for a very early harvest that begins towards the end of October. The result is an excellent fruity oil with a completely greenish hue.

The Bisbal del Penedès

Torclum is located in La Bisbal del Penedès, a charming municipality situated in the Baix Penedès region. Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, this town stands out for its traditional festivals and the production of quality wines and oils. Among its attractions are the Church of Santa Maria, the public washhouses, and the urban art murals scattered throughout the town that reinvent the rural landscape. La Bisbal del Penedès is also a meeting point for nature lovers, thanks to its paths that invite exploration of the serene beauty of its surroundings.

Baix Penedès: our region!

Baix Penedès is a Catalan region known for a landscape that combines beaches and mountains, and it also offers a wide variety of interests, activities, and popular festivals. This region is an ideal place to discover the richness of Catalan culture through its gastronomy, nature, and cultural heritage.

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Our products

Discover our extra virgin olive oils, the result of generations of wisdom and passion for sustainable agriculture. Made with selected olives from our estate, they offer a unique taste that captures the essence of our land.


Come and enjoy Olive Oil Tourism

Join a unique experience in the heart of Baix Penedès. Come and see how olive oil is more than just a product: it's culture, tradition, and passion. Our guided tours offer a full immersion from the field to the table.

La Bisbal del Penedes

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Discover our location in the heart of Baix Penedès, a place where tradition and innovation meet to create exceptional products. Learn more about how our philosophy is reflected in every aspect of our production.

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Media Presence

Discover where we’ve been featured! In our Media Presence section, we offer a complete collection of articles, radio interviews, and television appearances.

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Tasta l'oli a queixelades

At Torclum, we believe in the power of collaboration. We actively participate in synergies with other companies, contributing to the development of our region.

Discover how our activities and collaborations enrich the community.

Terra i Taula 2023
Terra i Taula

Torclum is a proud member of Terra i Taula, a collective from Baix Penedès that brings together producers and chefs dedicated to excellence in agri-food. We encourage you to discover and follow these professionals committed to quality and innovation in our products and services.