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An Innovative Mill for Olive Oil Extraction
From the beginning, when we started planning the production of our own olive oil, we knew we wanted to distinguish ourselves from the rest. Instead of opting for a standard, well-known brand mill, we decided to focus on innovation as the central pillar of our business strategy. Our vision was to create a unique product that reflected a strong commitment to differentiation and continuous improvement in the sector.
A Different Vision and a Decisive Meeting

Our journey took a significant turn when we were nominated for a regional award for internationalization. It was at this event where we met Jess and Ivan from Quods, who were also nominated for designing a portable olive oil mill that allowed for on-site packaging. Sitting at the same table, we shared ideas and projects, which sparked a fruitful collaboration.

Development and Customization

As our production volume grew, the portable mill became too small for our needs. This drove the development of a customized mill capable of processing between 300-400 kg/h, permanently installed at our facilities. After nine years of collaboration with Quods, we have succeeded in developing a mill that not only meets our expectations but also sets a new standard in efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainability and Efficiency

The operation of our mill is a prime example of sustainability, as it runs exclusively on solar energy.

This system not only optimizes the available natural resources but also minimizes the environmental impact of our production.

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Olive Oil Extraction Process

In this video, we show you step by step how we obtain olive oil at our mill.

Join us and discover how we transform our Arbequina olives into extra virgin olive oil, using innovative technology to ensure the quality and freshness of the final product.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see up close how the oil that reaches your table is made.

What advantages does this mill bring us?
The Torclum mill is not just a central piece of our production; it is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Equipped with the latest technology, this mill has been designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of the oil extraction process. Below, we detail some of the key advantages that this modern facility brings to both the final product and the environment.

Water savings

With our innovative mill, we maximize the efficiency of water use because we do not use it. Through advanced technologies, we ensure that our oil is only olive juice, nothing more.

Whole pit extraction

The mill allows for the extraction of the whole pit without damaging the olive, a key innovation that optimizes the yield and quality of the oil. This process improves the quality of the oil, preserving its organoleptic properties and ensuring a purer, high-quality final product.