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Sustainability in Action: Our Agricultural Philosophy

At Torclum, we embrace sustainability as a lifestyle that honors the land that nourishes us. Our vision of agriculture goes beyond mere cultivation; it's a practice of deep respect for the environment. We adopt a holistic approach in everything we do, ensuring that every element of our process contributes positively to the health of our planet.

Sostenibilitat i Cicle residu zero
The Importance of Zero Waste

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected through our zero waste philosophy. We firmly believe that everything has value and a purpose.

At Torclum, every resource is valued and reused, thus reinforcing our mission to care for the planet and enrich our community. Through innovative initiatives, we transform by-products and less used elements into new resources that contribute to a more sustainable life cycle.

This allows us not only to reduce our environmental impact but also to inspire positive change within our community and beyond, fostering a more resilient and environmentally respectful future.

Revaluing Waste into Resources

At Torclum, we ensure that every step we take is crucial for the sustainability of our environment. The pruned branches are not seen as waste, but as valuable resources. After pruning, these branches are shredded and spread over the fields, where they act as organic matter, helping to retain moisture and enrich the soil with nutrients. Additionally, during the harvest, the leaves separated in the oil extraction process are returned to the fields to increase the organic matter in the soil, thus improving its structure and fertility. Even the pits, once extracted whole, are dried and used as biomass to generate energy, closing the production cycle in a responsible and sustainable way.

Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Certificate 2024

We are deeply honored to receive the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Certificate 2024. This recognition is the result of our ongoing commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

At Torclum, every decision and action we take is mindful of sustainability and respect for our planet. We deeply appreciate this recognition that validates our efforts to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

We commit to continuing our work towards responsible production and to enhancing our community and the natural environment that surrounds us.

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And that’s exactly what we propose: come and enjoy Olive Oil Tourism!

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And to finish, you’ll taste our fantastic organic extra virgin olive oil and other Torclum products.⁣

Come and discover our land and our way of life in a unique experience.

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